QNB supports Qatar Cancer Society

QNB Group, the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, announced its support for Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) aimed at preventing the risk of cancer, reducing cancer incidence, and raising community awareness.

This ongoing support and cooperation reflect the Bank’s keenness to enhance QCS’ programs to promote a culture of effective early detection, a key element to reach a conscious society  without  fears about  cancer , and in implementation of key local and international programs in the health sector as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Mr. Yousef Ali Darwish, General Manager Group Communications of QNB, said: “QNB’s support is part of our commitment to promoting public health and human development and pursue the goal of building a healthier and more prosperous society, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.” This confirms the Bank’s ongoing efforts to organize several awareness-raising activities such as marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month to increase attention and support for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer among our employees, Mr. Darwish added.

Mr. Darwish also confirmed that this support came as the world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, especially that cancer patients are more likely to be infected by coronavirus due to their weakened immune systems and reduced ability to fight off infections. The Bank is committed to play an effective role in the battle against COVID-19 and be part of the ongoing efforts towards a COVID-free society, he asserted.

Dr. Dera Al-Dosari- Director of Resources Development Dep at QCS , expressed great thanks for the efforts being exerted by QNB Group, praising its distinguished support to tackle COVID-19 pandemic.

QCS guarantees a free-of-charge treatment for patients who cannot afford medical care in order to meet growing costs, Dr. Dera Al-Dosari-  renewing the Society’s initial commitment since its establishment in 1997 to treat all patients and to have no patient on the waiting list.

QCS conducts the Community Based Cancer Awareness Program to empower the community members with confirmed information to assist them in adapting healthy life styles in their daily life activities and raise their awareness and commitment to their health. The program targets all segments of society, including school and university students, employees of companies and institutions, and others.

QNB Group’s presence through its subsidiaries and associate companies extends to more than 31 countries across three continents, providing a comprehensive range of advanced products and services. The total number of employees is more than 29,000 operating through 1,100 locations, with an ATM network of more than 4,200 machines.


(Daam) supports (QCS) to treat cancer patients

The Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) has supported Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) to aid with the medical expenses of patients who are unable to cover their treatment costs. This comes within a recent support agreement between the two entities.
The agreement aims to highlight the importance of the joint efforts to serve the community and fight cancer, and in line with Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 to focus on the human factor and invest in human health.
Dr Sheikh Khaled bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman  of QCS,  thanked the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) for the kind gesture of supporting the Society, whether in the field of patient treatment or cancer awareness, given  that this initiative is not the first for Daam  to support the Society, pointing  to the previous cooperation between the two parties in raising public awareness of cancer, ways to prevent it and importance of early detection.
He affirmed that QCS will continue  the efforts to achieve its vision to be the community partnership platform for making Qatar a leader in cancer prevention and its burden control, as well as its mission to achieve its goals through working with its partners to educate the community and support, empower and advocate for individuals living with cancer.
He wished that all institutions join hands to spread awareness of the disease, as well as provide support — both material and moral — to people living with the disease.

Chairman of Daam expressed his pleasure to have signed the agreement — and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors — and said, “We are proud to contribute to such a vital cause, carrying out our responsibility towards our community. This agreement is beneficial to cancer patients in Qatar, who need support, specially in the situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. We all have seen the efforts exerted by the State to respond to the situation, and we all should be there to help.”
“In accordance with QNV 2030, our strategic framework focuses on the social sector in Qatar among other sectors, and we are translating this focus into initiatives as such, which target diversified groups in the society. This is not our first cooperation with QCS, as we foster a strategic and sustainable pattern in our relations with entities that share our goals and values.”

 Dr. Dera Al Dosari, Director of Resources Development Department at QCS, thanked the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) for contributing to the treatment expenses of patients especially with the high costs  of treatment, noting the importance of joining efforts to fight against cancer. “The last period witnessed a remarkable development of QCS until it became one of the pioneering societies in this field, in light of the presidency of Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Jabr Al Thani, who is doing his best to further improve it,” he added.


QCS celebrates Qatar National Day

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has celebrated Qatar National Day by launching a public event for school students that aimed to introduce the charity’s mission, vision, and it’s role in community by promoting a culture of early detection of disease and ways to prevent it through a numbers of shows and entertainment competitions.

HE. Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor Al Thani, QCS Chairman, said that the National Day celebrations provide opportunity for Qatar’s citizens and residents to have a sense belonging and loyalty, while emphasising the importance of pride and dignity and line up side by side in love of Qatar.

He also clarified that QCS has not neglected one of its main objective since its establishment in 1997, which is to treat cancer patients who are unable to pay the costs of treatment , Where it has treated approximately 1070 patients at a cost of approximately QR13,822,000 between January and October this year m and by the end of this year, it is expected that 1,284 patients will be treated at an estimated cost of QR16,590,000, pointing to the society’s keenness to treat all patients, and there is not one patient on the waiting list.

Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor stressed QCS’ keenness to launch awareness and educational campaigns throughout the year, especially during the celebration of the Qatar National Day, to raise community awareness about cancer.


QCS Partners Join hands in ‘Walk to Support’ Event

Qatar Cancer Society concluded its activities on the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness with ‘Walk to Support’ event which was held at the Doha  Corniche with more than 700 participation and sponsors who joined the  walk  to support  individual living  with breast cancer , where many activities were attended by  the  participants .

Many sponsors supported” Walk to support ‘believing in the importance of spreading awareness of breast cancer and emphasizing the importance of social responsibility such as Ooredoo and Katara Hospitality who are the strategic partners to QCS.  Carrefour, QTerminals and Barwa Bank, who were the platinum sponsors of this event, and Commercial Bank as a gold sponsor. In addition to the co-sponsors like Qatar Aluminum, Qatar Living, Mowasalat, Al Rayan Water Company, Oryx Rotana Hotel and Talabat Company who provided the refreshments like water, juice and fruits to the participants. Tadawi Medical Center was the medical sponsor as well, which provided free consultation and advice to the participants in the march.

The Participants and sponsors met at the gathering point and enjoyed the shows, then the walk about 3 km on the Corniche and returned to the gathering point  , the event also included a prize draw from Barwa Bank, finally Honoring the sponsors.


LuLu Group Qatar makes QR100,000 donation to Qatar Cancer Society

Lulu hypermarket has donated QR100,000 to Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) to support its programs and plane on the revenue of “Shop and Donate” campaign that launched by the hyper during last October by allocating part of the sales of some products to support QCS’s awareness programs , and this donation comes in belief of social responsibility and from Qatar’s 2030 vision to focus on the human.

Dr Dera al-Dosari – Director of Resources Development Dep at QCS – received the donation check and thanked the operators of Lulu Hypermarket for their continuous support to the charity especially that it is not the first time it supports QCS , Stressing that fight against cancer needs to join efforts and cooperation between all institutions .
“It is wonderful to see this great support from all individuals and institutions, which contributes to increasing community awareness activities, and its implications for raising awareness. he added.

“It is wonderful to see this great support from all individuals and institutions, which contributes to increasing community awareness activities, and its implications for raising awareness. he added.

“This initiative is considered a contribution from Lulu hypermarket in achieving QCS’s vision to be to be the community partnership platform to make Qatar a leader in cancer prevention and its burden control ,  and it’s  mission to seek to prevent cancer and control its burden in Qatar by working with our partners to educate the community, and to support, empower and advocate for individuals living with cancer, and to engage in the professional development and scientific research in the field of cancer .

It is indicated that, Lulu staff in all branches Wear through last October the pink ribbon that expresses breast cancer to encourage women to Periodic detection of cancer, In addition, Lulu supports QCS’s activities and programs of, which organized throughout the year.


QCS takes part in World Cancer Leaders’ Summit in Kazakhstan

QATAR Cancer Society (QCS), represented by its Chairman Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al Thani, participated in the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit organised by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) in Nur-Sultan (Astana) 1, Kazakhstan recently.

Around 350 global influencers and leaders in cancer control and public health from across governments, UN agencies, academia, non-profit organisations and private sectors discussed ways in which cancer detection, treatment and care contribute to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Reducing the number of premature deaths caused by cancer and to achieve the UHC vision of ‘Health for All’ requires addressing inequities in access to cancer services.

With ‘Cancer and Universal Health Coverage’ as a topic, the 2019 edition of the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit focused on expanding access to quality preventive care, early detection, treatment and care for cancer.

The experts shared perspectives on the relationship between strong, sustainable and ‘people centred’ health systems and the effective prevention and control of NCDs, promoting access to cancer services, and priority setting as part of the progressive realisation of UHC.

Sheikh Dr Khalid said, “Our participation in this summit came within the framework of our membership of the UICC, which is one of the largest international institutions dedicated to develop programmes and future plans through participation in all internal and external events for cancer control.”


“Blossom “national campaign encourages early detection of breast cancer

Qatar Cancer Society “QCS “has launched “Blossom “Campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer which falls in October each year.

“Blossom “   is a national campaign targeting all Categories  of Qatari society throughout the month, and aims to emphasize the importance of periodic examination for the early detection and spreading the culture of healthy life style to prevent it, as well as Highlight the health services available in the State of Qatar, Activating the society’s role in providing psychological and Financial  support to cancer patients  , and produce  the experiences of Individuals living with cancer.



‘Fadetcom’ raises awareness of childhood cancers

QATAR Cancer Society (QCS) has launched ‘Fadetcom’ campaign, which is observed in September each year, to raise awareness of childhood cancers.

The campaign focused on the importance of early detection through urged parents to ensure regular medical check-ups of their children and to be watchful for any unusual signs or symptoms   where Periodic examination helps in early detection of the disease.

The important things that The campaign focused on it to avoid childhood cancers are healthy sleeping pattern for the children and keeping the atmosphere at home light and pleasant to improve immunity , also use protective measures when exposed to the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, long-sleeved clothes), as well as stop smoking during pregnancy, protect the child from passive smoking.


Qatar Cancer Society raises awareness on blood cancer

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has concluded ‘Your blood ..Your Health’ campaign to raise awareness on blood cancers.

The campaign continued throughout August, the month of global awareness on blood cancers.

Blood cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers in Qatar, according to Qatar National Cancer registry 2015 of the Ministry of Public Health.

The campaign included a number of awareness events at malls and addressed questions of public. It also addressed the  symptoms, risk factors,  methods of prevention and the importance of periodic examination for early detection, in addition to the distribution of vouchers for consultations and free tests to the public, in cooperation with the Syrian Medical Center, Hamad Medical Corporation, Mall of Qatar and Qatar Living.

Hiba Nassar, Head of Health Education Department at QCS, said, “ Blood cancer is a group of cancers which affects blood cells, blood forming tissues or the immune system cells and there are three main types of blood cancers: Lymphoma, Leukemia and Myeloma, noted that Lymphoma and Leukemia are the most common blood cancers.

Nassar stressed the importance of periodic tests for early detection of the disease, and conducting comprehensive periodic analyses that detect early on potential diseases, especially cancer , explained that each type of blood cancers has a different way of spreading and responding to treatment so it is important to determine the type.


QCS in push to raise awareness about liver cancer

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has launched ‘Protect Yourself ‘campaign to raise awareness about liver cancer which ranks  the seventh most common cancer among men in Qatar, according to Qatar National Cancer registry 2015 at the Ministry of Public Health.

Nour Mekkia, health educator at QCS, said, “There are many risk factors that can increase the chances of developing liver cancer. It is more common among male than female. It is also more common in aged people as most people diagnosed with liver cancer are 55 and above. Alcohol and tobacco use are two major reasons for the disease. Viral hepatitis B&C can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. People with type 2 diabetes tend to be overweight or obese, which can lead to health problems in the liver. Occupational exposure to chemicals is another major reason for the disease.”

Mekkia  definite Liver cancer is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the tissue of the liver (primary liver cancer) or abnormal cells that spread to the liver from other organs (metastatic liver cancer).

“Weight loss for unknown reasons, loss of appetite, feeling very full after a small meal, nausea or vomiting, general weakness and fatigue, pain in the abdomen or near the right shoulder blade, itching, white, chalky stools, yellowing of the skin and eyes and enlarged liver and spleen are the signs and symptoms of the disease,” she explained.

She stressed the importance of early detection of the disease. “It is often hard to find liver cancer early because the signs and symptoms often do not appear at an early stage. So, it is important to check with a doctor regularly,” she noted.

“Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption; maintain healthy body weight; be physically active (exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week); prevent infection with hepatitis B and C; get regular medical checkup and avoid breathing in or touching toxic chemicals. These can help prevent liver cancer to a great extent,” Mekkia added.