A new strategic plan for QCS in the works: Dr Khalid

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is processing, preparing, and developing the strategic plan for 2025-2027 with Averroes company, QCS Chairman Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Jabr Al Thani has announced.

The project aims to formulate the Society’s strategic direction, determine the results and strategic objectives, prepare the strategic map, design performance indicators, and matrix, define the initiative matrix, and prepare the executive plan for the initiatives of the first year of the plan.

The QCS stressed that this development is based on the charity’s community role in cancer prevention, support for those living with the disease, professional development, and scientific research, and is consistent with the National Cancer Strategy. Under the umbrella of the charitable sector, it is starting a new phase of work using the results-based planning methodology and identifying its executive and operational initiatives and tools and follow-up to ensure effective implementation of the strategic plan.

This plan comes in conjunction with the near end of the charity’s strategic plan for 2018-2024 and the need to evaluate the performance of those years to identify the most prominent limitations, risks, and strengths, as well as the results and outputs on which the new plan is to be based, which will come as a continuation of its predecessor in achieving its three strategic goals. He added that the three strategic goals are raising community awareness of cancer, ways to prevent it, support, empowering, and advocacy for those living with the disease, and scientific cancer research.

He indicated that this year would represent a new qualitative leap in its work of caring for people living with cancer, as it will witness the launch of several digital initiatives that will support this group financially, psychologically, and socially. The charity has many sustainable programs that deal with this category, including “Our Children Are Gold,” “Your Smile Is Our Life,” “I Am a Survivor, and I Will Inspire You With My Story,” “Together We Can,” “Support Groups,” and “Community Participation.”


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