|QCS” Launches A Digital Platform ‘Wayyakum’for for Cancer Patient Treatment

In an innovative and forward-looking step to support cancer patients in Qatar, the Qatar Cancer Society “ QCS “ celebrated the launch of the first digital platform in the Gulf region named “Wayyakum.” This platform is dedicated to supporting the cost of cancer treatment. It provides a simplified and effective means for patients and their families to access the necessary financial support for treatment, thereby saving them the time and effort needed to focus on healing and improving their quality of life during this challenging phase.

The launch event was attended by several prominent figures in medicine, healthcare, charity, and humanitarian work from various institutions in Qatar, including the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities. This platform was established by its requirements and standards and has been linked to the “Sanadi” platform for organizing aid within Qatar, in collaboration with 23 partners from government and charitable institutions within the country, under the auspices of the Regulatory Authority.

On this occasion, HE. Sheikh Dr. Khaled bin Jaber Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qatar Cancer Society, expressed his great happiness and gratitude for attending this distinguished event, and witnessing the launch of the digital platform  “ Wayyakum.”  He stated, “The moment we are experiencing today represents a turning point in all our efforts to support cancer patients and their families through this pioneering digital platform in the Gulf region, reflecting our firm commitment to providing comprehensive and humane care for this category.” He emphasized the importance of collective action and collaboration to assist those in need in the face of disease.

He continued, saying, “I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this event, including partners, supporters, and all those who supported this noble initiative. I would like to express special thanks to the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities.” He added, “The launch of the “  Wayyakum.”   platform reflects the commitment of Qatar Cancer Society to innovation and providing effective solutions to meet the needs of patients, making it a valuable partner in the journey of healing and hope for patients and their families in facing this health challenge. It also represents an important step towards building a healthy and responsible society.”

He further stated, “The Society takes pride in its support and coverage of the cost of cancer treatment for those unable to afford it since 2013. The number of beneficiaries from that year until the end of 2023 reached nine thousand, three hundred and sixty-two patients, at a total cost of one hundred and one million, eight hundred and fifty thousand Qatari Riyals.”

He clarified, “These humanitarian and supportive efforts reflect the society’s commitment to providing comprehensive care for cancer patients and the necessary support for them and their families during the treatment period, which helps alleviate the financial burden they may face in such difficult circumstances. We are committed to continuing our efforts to provide support and care for cancer patients, and we strive diligently to expand the scope of services and increase the effectiveness of providing financial and moral support to all those in need.”

Regarding the mechanism of operation of the “ Wayyakum.”  platform, he explained, “It is an easy and simplified mechanism for patients and their families to access financial support. The platform can be accessed by visiting the society’s website [https://www.qcs.qa/] or by downloading the ” Wayyakum.”  application from the app stores (Google Play – Apple Store). Upon entering the platform, users are asked to create a new account and fill in the necessary information to complete the registration process, including personal data and financial expenses for the patient. They must also upload the required documents for the patient and attach a ‘Sindi’ document. After submitting the request, users can track its status and verify it through the system, with the possibility of updating it if necessary. In addition, users will receive text messages on their mobile phones to inform them of the acceptance of the request or to request additional updates.”



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