We’re excited to introduce Wayakom, a revolutionary patient support system developed by the Qatar Cancer Society. Our mission has always been to stand by those facing cancer, offering unwavering support, hope, and assistance. Wayakom is the next step in this journey.

Wayakom is an innovative online platform designed for cancer patients and their families. Its primary focus is to simplify the process of applying for financial aid, eliminating paperwork and reducing wait times. With Wayakom, you can access the vital resources you need efficiently and without stress.

But Wayakom is more than a financial aid platform. It’s a comprehensive support system that keeps you informed, connected, and in control throughout your cancer journey. The intuitive tracking feature allows you to monitor your application’s progress, giving you the knowledge and power to plan your path forward.

Stay tuned for the launch of Wayakom – a lifeline for cancer patients and their families. We’re committed to making your cancer journey more manageable, and we can’t wait to share this resource with you.