“Together We Can” to advocate for people living with cancer.

Qatar Cancer Society “QCS “launched “I am a survivor, and I will inspire you with my story” campaign to support, empower, and advocate for people living with cancer and provide them with psychological and societal support within the framework of June, which is the global awareness month for people living with the disease.

The campaign focused this year on the sustainable program “Together We Can” to emphasize the concept and importance of community advocacy for this group in various environments, especially the work environment and the educational environment “the school.” The campaign also included many events, activities, and direct and virtual awareness workshops, most notably a visit to patients at the National Center for Cancer Care and Research, a “Together We Can” workshop targeted social workers in schools, and others that targeted health, safety, and human resources officials in institutions, in addition to publishing stories of hope for some of those recovering from cancer. ,  awareness campaigns through social media platforms, and several television interviews to advocate for patients and raise awareness of their issues.

Mrs. Dana Mansour -People Living with Cancer department at QCS – said the “campaign “I am a survivor, and I will inspire you with my story” was launched as a sustainable initiative within the psychological and community support programs offered by  QCS  for this category, which would present more positive images of people living with the disease and the importance of activating their role in society and changing images Wrong stereotypes about cancer and its sufferers, as well as emphasizing that it is a disease like other diseases that can be cured, in addition to helping cohabitants to re-engage in society and regain their influential roles in it.

Qatar Cancer Society has launched many sustainable programs targeting people living with cancer. All of them aim to achieve a package of goals, the most important of which is identifying the unique needs of cancer patients, survivors, and their families,  helping patients deal with the side effects of cancer treatment, providing patients, survivors, and their families with information about available services in Qatar, providing information and advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve the physical and psychological capabilities of patients and survivors to practice their daily life activities as much as possible, improving the quality of life for patients, survivors and their families during the treatment period and beyond to overcome the effects associated with the disease and its treatment and help them reactivate their role in society after treatment.


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