Union for International Cancer Control president visits Qatar Cancer Society

Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, president of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC ), recently visited Qatar Cancer Society (QCS).

The dignitary was received by a delegation led by QCS chairman, Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani.

HE Sheikh Dr. Khaled Bin Jabor Al Thani and HRH Princess Dina Mired

Princess Dina toured different sections of the organisation as well as the Ooredoo Cancer Awareness Centre, reviewing QCS role in raising awareness of the disease through a range of programmes, targeting all community groups.

She also praised QCS efforts in promoting the culture of early detection and raising health awareness, as well as supporting people living with cancer.

Dr Sheikh Khalid thanked the visit of Princess Dina and lauded her efforts as president of UICC and noted that the visit will have a positive impact.

He also presented the activities of QCS to the visiting dignitary and highlighted its role in spreading awareness in the community.

He also stressed the role of QCS to achieve its mission to prevent cancer and control its burden in Qatar by working with our partners to educate the community, and to support, empower and advocate for individuals living with cancer, and to engage in the professional development and scientific research in the field of cancer   and  its Vision to be the community partnership platform to make Qatar a leader in cancer prevention and its burden control.

HRH Princess Dina Mired and QCS Staff


With participation of 1,200 health care providers.. Minister of Labour opens thyroid cancer conference

About 1,200 delegates are attending the Qatar International Thyroid Cancer Conference, which opened under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani.

The opening ceremony of the two-day event, organised by Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) at Ritz Carlton Doha, was attended by HE the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs Yousef bin Mohamed al-Othman Fakhro, HE  Wilb Kembel  Ambassador of Austria to Qatar   , and number of other dignitaries and officials.

Thyroid Cancer Conference 2019

Speaking at the opening ceremony, QCS chairman Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani, highlighted the importance of the conference as well as the rise in thyroid cancer cases in Qatar. The conference will discuss the latest developments in the treatment of thyroid cancer, the second highest prevalent cancer among women in Qatar, he stated.

“In the last five years, we have noticed that the onset of thyroid cancer has been on the rise roughly 20% per year. From 51 cases in 2015, it has jumped into 110 in 2018. This is very alarming and we need to know why this is happening,” noted Sheikh Khalid.

QCS chairman Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani

“More than 50% of the cases are below the age of 35. This conference will set guidelines and find out ways to get to the reasons of it. It will also create a more direct, selective and efficient programmes to tackle it-in terms of awareness, early detection and prevention and treatments as well,” explained the official.

The conference under the theme ‘Present Standards and New Perspectives’, has participants and speakers from various countries such as Austria, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, India and other parts of the world.

Several leading officials and physicians from the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation as well as other organisations in Qatar are also participating in this international conference.

The opening session was followed by a workshop which targeted the public and included an awareness session about the available services in Qatar for problems of thyroid gland, methods of self-examination and medical consultation for skin care for people with thyroid cancer.

part of TCC 2019 audience

Another workshop focused on people living with thyroid cancer. The topics to be covered include medical advice required at a stage after treatment, yoga exercises for thyroid health to reduce stress, detection methods, and free medical tests and consultations for thyroid gland.


QCS is Hosting Thyroid Cancer Conference on April 19

The Thyroid Cancer Conference, to be hosted by the Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) on April 19 and 20, will discuss the latest developments in the treatment of thyroid cancer, the second highest prevalent cancer among women in Qatar. The event is under the patronage of HE the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Thani and the leadership of QCS chairman Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor Al-Thani, and Dr. Abdul Azeem Hussain, vice-chairman.

It is organized by the QCS in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation, the Qatar Doctor’s Society, and the Qatar Austrian Medical Team. Details of the conference were shared by Sheikh Dr. Khalid and Dr. Abdul Azeem Hussain, vice-chairman of the QCS and director of the Surgery Department and head of medical staff at Al-Ahli Hospital.

“According to the Qatar National Cancer Registry, thyroid cancer has gone up from the ninth most common cancer across all nationalities and genders and the third most common cancer among females of all nationalities in Qatar in 2014, to the sixth most common cancer across all nationalities and genders and second most common cancer among females of all nationalities in Qatar in 2015,” said Sheikh Dr. Khalid.

Thyroid Cancer Conference Announcement

Dr. Abdul Azeem Hussain, vice-chairman said “There is great improvement among the public in awareness about cancer and the ways to deal with the disease,”

“However, still we find some people are afraid of the disease and several others are reluctant to discuss the disease even if they feel the symptoms of the disease.” The thyroid cancer conference is an opportunity for the attendees to exchange knowledge with top experts and keep abreast of latest innovations in the field of thyroid cancer care under one roof at international level. More than 1,000 medical professionals are expected to participate in the conference. He added .


World Cancer Day an Opportunity to Promote Early Detection

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) marks World Cancer Day, which aims to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. Spearheaded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), which QCS is one of its members, the day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising awareness and improving education about the disease alongside calling on governments and individuals across the world to take action. World Cancer Day is an international day marked on February 4 annually.

2019 will be the first year of the new three-year campaign, ‘I Am and I Will’. The new theme is an empowering call for personal commitment and represents the power of our actions taken now to reduce the growing impact of cancer

School Cancer Awareness

His excellency Sheikh. Dr Khalid Bin Jabor Al Thani, chairman of QCS stressed the importance of continuing efforts to raise awareness about cancer and ways to prevent it and to promote early detection as it is the cornerstone of prevention and treatment.

His excellency noted that QCS will mark World Cancer Day with a special event under the theme ‘I Am and I Will’, which targets all segments of the society and educate them about cancer and ways to prevent it in a simplified recreational way, In addition to emphasizing the importance of early detection of the disease.

Cancer Awareness – Banana Island Doha

According to the most recent reports published by Qatar National Cancer Registry (QNCR, 2015), breast, colorectal, and prostate cancers lie on top of the most common newly diagnosed cancers in Qatar. In terms of the most common newly diagnosed cancers among men in Qatar, QNCR (2015) has reported that prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and leukemia are the top three cancers. On the other hand, the most common newly diagnosed cancers among women in Qatar includes breast, thyroid, and colorectal cancers. In 2018, more than 18 million new cases of cancer worldwide of which nearly 5 million cases of breast, cervical, colorectal, and oral cancers could have been detected sooner and treated more effectively, improving patient survival rates and quality of life.

The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), in line with guidelines set out by the World Health Organization, recommends that all governments implement measures to reduce stigma and improve public awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer, establish cost-effective population-based screenings and early detection programmes, strengthen national health systems’ referral mechanisms for suspected cancers to facilities providing diagnostic and treatment services, and increase investment in diagnostic capacities.

Cancer Awareness in NCCCR


QCS launches ‘Darbek Khadar 2’ to raise awareness about cervical cancer

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has launched a month long campaign titled ‘Darbek Khadar 2’ to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Through the campaign, women can do Pap Smear test free in Al Emadi Hospital after getting a coupon from QCS. QCS will organize a closing ceremony of the campaign on January 30 at its headquarters. The ceremony will include a cooking show, lectures and awareness workshops. Also present on the occasion will be health educators from QCS to answer questions from the participants. In addition, women who did Pap Smear test will enter the draw and win prizes.

Live healthy cooking show

Dr. Hadi Mohamad Abu Rasheed, head of the Professional Development and Scientific Research Department at QCS, said that cervical cancer is ranked fifth among the most common cancers in females in Qatar, as per the statistics from the National Cancer Registry of the Ministry of Health. Cervical cancer is ranked fourth at the level of prevalence, number of new cases, and death among all cancers in females worldwide according to World Health Organization (WHO) Cancer Statistics 2018 and one in every 73 women worldwide will develop cervical cancer over the course of her lifetime according to WHO statistics 2018.

Living beyond cancer story

QCS is holding awareness lectures and workshops involving the country’s diverse sectors to raise awareness of the symptoms of the disease, the factors responsible for it as well as methods of prevention and cure. Mrs. Heba Nasser, head of the Health Education Department at QCS, noted that cervical cancer is the abnormal growth of the cervical cells, the lower part of uterus. Cervical cancer can affect any woman and especially between the age of 20 and 50 and one of most common cancers in women worldwide. According to Nasser, risk factors for the disease include human papillomavirus infection, smoking, recurrent cervical infections, family history, having given birth to three or more children, using birth control pills for a long time and lack of screening. Cervical cancer often does not show symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. So, it is important to start early detection tests regularly even when one is healthy. She noted that the Pap test is a simple one and the best time to do the test is 10-14 days from the first day of menstruation. The first Pap test should be done after three years of marriage if the age is 21 years or above. After the first Pap test, women should go for the test every three years until the age of 65. After 65, the test can be stopped if the last three Pap tests are normal. Pap tests can be done in most of the health centers of Primary Health Care Corporation.


Qatar Cancer Society holds three-day celebration at HQ

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) celebrated Qatar National Day by launching “we are fine ” event Which lasted for three days at the its headquarters at Barwa Towers, Al Sadd –
QCS chairman HE Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani, launched a mural, ‘We are fine’ at the event attended by general manager Mariam al-Noaimi and a number of members of the board of directors, honorary ambassadors and public figures. The opening was also attended by Qatari artiste Ghanem Shaheen, who sang a collection of his national songs. School students took part in the activities in the morning.

HE Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al Thani, QCS Chairman, said that the National Day celebrations provide opportunity for Qatar’s citizens and residents to have a sense belonging and loyalty, while emphasising the importance of pride and dignity.

He stressed QCS keenness to launch awareness and educational campaigns throughout the year, especially during the celebration of the National Day, to raise community awareness about cancer.

“Since its inception in 1997, the QCS has never overlooked its basic objectives of providing treatment for cancer patients who are unable to afford medical expenses
QCS general manager Mariam al-Noaimi expressed her wish that Qatar will continue its development march under the patronage of our wise government, and Qatar national day will come every year and that Qatar has taken more strides and jumped forward in the march of progress, prosperity and achievement.


QCS electronic collection to make donations easier

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) has launched an electronic collection system at 21 sites across the country, to make donations easier.
Donations are one of the most important sources of QCS to treat patients who are unable to afford the treatment as well as to support its programmes to spread awareness of cancer.
QCS general manager Mariam al-Noaimi stressed the importance of the donation in financial and moral support for cancer patients and combating cancer. She also called up on all parties to join hands to raise awareness of the disease and contribute to patients’ treatment.
In addition, some collection sites have been provided with screens to display awareness videos about cancer and promote early detection. In the next phase, such screens are to be installed at all collection sites.
She noted that collection sites include several projects licensed by Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities for the treatment of cancer patients under license No 6/2017, and cancer awareness programmes under license No 7/2017.

In conjunction with the launch of the electronic collection system, a course was organised to develop the skills of cancer awareness promoters. They were trained in various marketing methods for collection, as well as all the cultural aspects and awareness of cancer.
Al-Noaimi referred to the other means which the QCS depends for raising funds such as donation boxes, as well as receiving to the following account numbers at Qatar International Islamic Bank QA72QIIB000000001111263620001, QA34QIIB000000001111263620006, and on a monthly deduction method.



QCS participates in Doha International Book Fair 28

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) participated in the activities of the 28th Doha International Book Fair, Which was held in 29 Nov- 5Dec 2017 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre with a pavilion dedicated to raising public awareness about the importance of healthy food and exercise in preventing diseases, especially cancer.

QCS pavilion includes various works of educational competitions and recreational sections suitable for all ages, in addition to provide all information related to cancer and answer all inquiries of the masses.
Doha International Book Fair is a great chance to spread a health culture especially with the rising number of cases of the disease,

This participation is in keeping with the keenness to participate in all scientific and cultural events held in the country, which aim to promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy food and raise awareness on the risk factors that cause cancer , It also aims to encourage early detection of cancer and activation of national programmes for the fight against cancer as a shared responsibility between government and non-governmental sectors .


‘QCS” holds ‘Cancer Care Symposium 2’ At ’OCAC’

Qatar cancer society ‘QCS” held the ‘Cancer Care for Primary Car 2 ’ symposium in cooperation with Hamad Medical at Ooredoo Cancer Awareness Centre recently, Around 100 primary health care providers from the public and private sectors took part in the event, in addition to that some health care providers outside from Qatar were invited to be involved in such activity through effective collaborations such as Oman Cancer Association and International Cancer Prevention Consortium(ICPC) . The participants were honoured and certificates were given to the lecturers.

Sheikh Dr Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani – QCS chairman – said The organization of this symposium was the result of the Acharity’s efforts to fulfill its promise through the launch of quality programs of international standards in the field of awareness and training, As well as community partnerships that the Charity is keen to implement with all institutions.
“The centre will implement an awareness strategy to help change the mindset of the people about cancer and reduce the stigma associated with the disease, and it will also help increase the quality of life by increasing awareness about healthy and safe lifestyle to prevent cancer,” he added.

Dr. Abdul Azeem Abdul Haab ,QCS Vice Chairman – Director of Surgery Department, Chief Medical Staff at Al- Ahli Hospital in Qatar, said the symposium was delivered by speakers and top experts in the field of cancer from Qatar And Presented what healthcare provider needs to know about cancer such as The most common types of cancers among men in Qatar , Early detection of cancer and how to convert suspected cases of cancer , Palliative care for cancer patient and The role of primary health care providers in leukemia .
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the symposium included The CPD Activity is a Category 1 – Accredited Group Learning Activity as defined by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners – Accreditation Department and is approved for a maximum of 8.5 hours. QCHP- AD Activity code A82, Dr. Abdul Azeem added.
About The Overall learning objectives He said ‘This activity will improve the participants’ knowledge about The signs and symptoms of various cancers to determine when a patient should be referred as a suspected cancer case, The referral and follow up pathways for suspected cancer cases in the State of Qatar, Current cancer epidemiology in the State of Qatar,



QCS Launches ‘Be moustache.. check “ campaign

QATAR Cancer Society (QCS) has launched ‘Be moustache ..check 2 “ campaign to raise awareness about prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer in men in Qatar and the world, and the fifth biggest cause of deaths in men from cancer globally.

QCS organized awareness lectures and workshops involving various sectors in the country to raise people’s awareness of the symptoms of the disease, the factors responsible for it, as well as methods of prevention and cure of the disease.

‘Worldwide, more than 1 million men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and more than 300,000 die of the disease in 2012. In U.S.A, About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime’.

Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably. The prostate is a gland found only in males. The prostate is a gland located in the lower urinary tract, under the bladder and around the urethra , he added .

Early prostate cancer usually causes no symptoms. More advanced prostate cancers sometimes cause symptoms. In most cases, symptoms are caused by benign prostatic enlargement, or an infection. Because of this it is important that you see a doctor to understand what causes the symptoms ‘ Problems urinating, including a weak or interrupted urinary flow, pain while urinating, inability to urinate, sense of incompletely emptying the bladder, intense need to urinate, or the need to urinate more often, especially at night , Blood in the urine or semen , Erection problems , Pain in the hips, back (spine), chest (ribs), or other areas from cancer that has spread to bones , Weakness or numbness in the legs or feet, or even loss of bladder or bowel control from cancer pressing on the spinal cord and nerves.