(Daam) supports (QCS) to treat cancer patients

The Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) has supported Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) to aid with the medical expenses of patients who are unable to cover their treatment costs. This comes within a recent support agreement between the two entities.
The agreement aims to highlight the importance of the joint efforts to serve the community and fight cancer, and in line with Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 to focus on the human factor and invest in human health.
Dr Sheikh Khaled bin Jabor Al Thani, Chairman  of QCS,  thanked the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) for the kind gesture of supporting the Society, whether in the field of patient treatment or cancer awareness, given  that this initiative is not the first for Daam  to support the Society, pointing  to the previous cooperation between the two parties in raising public awareness of cancer, ways to prevent it and importance of early detection.
He affirmed that QCS will continue  the efforts to achieve its vision to be the community partnership platform for making Qatar a leader in cancer prevention and its burden control, as well as its mission to achieve its goals through working with its partners to educate the community and support, empower and advocate for individuals living with cancer.
He wished that all institutions join hands to spread awareness of the disease, as well as provide support — both material and moral — to people living with the disease.

Chairman of Daam expressed his pleasure to have signed the agreement — and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors — and said, “We are proud to contribute to such a vital cause, carrying out our responsibility towards our community. This agreement is beneficial to cancer patients in Qatar, who need support, specially in the situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. We all have seen the efforts exerted by the State to respond to the situation, and we all should be there to help.”
“In accordance with QNV 2030, our strategic framework focuses on the social sector in Qatar among other sectors, and we are translating this focus into initiatives as such, which target diversified groups in the society. This is not our first cooperation with QCS, as we foster a strategic and sustainable pattern in our relations with entities that share our goals and values.”

 Dr. Dera Al Dosari, Director of Resources Development Department at QCS, thanked the Social and Sport Contribution Fund (Daam) for contributing to the treatment expenses of patients especially with the high costs  of treatment, noting the importance of joining efforts to fight against cancer. “The last period witnessed a remarkable development of QCS until it became one of the pioneering societies in this field, in light of the presidency of Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Jabr Al Thani, who is doing his best to further improve it,” he added.

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