Blossom Challenge

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To encourage ladies to maintain healthy body weight through adopting healthy lifestyle

How to enter the competition:
Follow the Society’s account on Instagram, qcs_qatar
Mention 3 persons for the qcs_qatar acount
Fill out the registration form
The duration of the competition is 10 weeks (announcement of results at the end of October)
Measuring the weight and percentage of body fat by a dietitian (3 times during the challenge period) for each participant by visiting the Perfup Center
Weekly consultations through google meet or zoom with dietitian

Terms of participation:
1. For females only
2. Age between (20-50) years
3. Participant is resident in Qatar
4. Deadline for registration on 12 August 2020

Seats are limited, and participants are selected by specialists based on information in the registration form
Winners are determined based on the percentage of body fat loss during the competition period
Two winners from each team