The Launch of The First Virtual Online ( CPD) about cancer in Qatar

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS ) jointly with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) organized the first online continuous professional development webinar about the Suspected Lung Cancer Referral Guidelines on a Qatari Digital Platform – MasterBadge MEET, which targeted 200 primary healthcare providers, nurses, and the allied health practitioners from both the governmental and private health sector.

Dr. Hadi  Abu Rasheed – Head of Professional Development and Scientific Research Department  at  Qatar cancer society   said “ This CPD Activity is a Category 1 – Accredited Group Learning Activity as defined by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners – Accreditation Department and is approved for a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Based on the strategic partnership with the Hamad Medical Corporation and the ongoing support provided by HMC to QCS, the communication team at the Hamad Medical Corporation will promote the activities of the continuous medical education of QCS in the digital platforms and newsletters of HMC to increase the opportunities for HMC’s medical staff to benefit from the QCS’ continuing medical education programs. He added.

Dr Abu Rashid pointed to the charity’s constant eagerness to organize nationally and internationally accredited professional development and continuing medical education programs for healthcare, health education and communication, patient support, and health behavioural research workforce, prepare and distribute cancer statistics updates ,develop strategies to analyse and evaluate the efficiency of Qatar Cancer Society activities , coordinate conducting Cancer health behavioural research in collaboration with health and academic entities and distribute cancer updates for health workforce

Dr. Mohammed Ussama Al Homsi- Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology and Deputy Medical Director of Clinical Education, Research, and Quality at The National Center for Cancer Care and Researchsaid “We are always grateful to work in partnership with QCS  their support enables us to ensure we reach across the healthcare providers in Qatar in the interests of the whole population.

This symposium supports the continuing path to providing excellence in cancer care in the county”.

Best investment is in early detection and prevention as World Health Organization studies showed that between 30–50% of cancers can be prevented by avoiding risk factors and implementing evidence-based prevention strategies and many cancers have a high chance of cure if diagnosed early.he added .

He continued saying  that Qatar National Cancer Program did a survey in May 2016 showed that 68% of health experts in Qatar recommended that future investment should be placed in capacity building of the primary healthcare providers and the community health workforce .

Explaining that National Cancer Program recommended that this could be supported by existing programs, such as those run by the Qatar Cancer Society

Dr. Reyad Mohsen – Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology at The National Center for Cancer Care and Research – Chair of the Thoracic Cancers National Clinical Advisory Group – Ministry of Public Health – said this CPD aims to provide the participants practical knowledge about lung cancers early signs and symptoms to determine when a patient should be referred as a suspected case, the accurate referral and follow up pathways for the suspected lung cancer cases, and the needed initial diagnostic and management approach to be done for suspected lung cancer cases at the level of primary care.

Also, the latest lung cancer statistics globally and locally were presented during the workshop.

He presented during the symposium the latest statistics of lung cancer according to Qatar National Cancer Registry (QNCR) – Ministry of Public Health – 2016 that Lung cancer is the ninth most commonly diagnosed cancer  in Qatar in 2016 and same year Lung cancer is the first causing-death cancer and survival rate from 2013 till 2016 is 24.24%  which means that 24.24% of lung cancer patients stayed alive  from 2013 to 2016.





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