QCS raise awareness of liver cancer by 4 languages

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) concluded  “Protect Yourself” campaign to raise awareness of liver cancer that is the 7th highest cancer among both genders in Qatar and among all cancer death, liver cancer is the 2nd highest cancer among both genders. , according to Qatar National Cancer registry 2016 – the Ministry of Public Health  .The electronic campaign targeted workers who are among the groups most exposed to the risk factors causing this type of cancer by broadcasting educational videos in different languages, which are “Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam”, to target the largest possible number of audiences make them aware of disease, signs, warning symptoms, methods of prevention and early detection,Mr. Khalifa Haroun, social media influencer, participated in the campaign, who contributed to the campaign’s awareness role through his accounts on social media.

Mrs. Heba Nassar – Head of the Health Education Department at QCS  said –  the charity has launched this campaign via its electronic platforms  Within the framework of the preventive measures to limit the spread of Novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) , with the participation of a number of entities, including the Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Red Crescent, Syrian American Medical Center, Mowasalat

She stressed the importance of early detection of the disease and it is often hard to find liver cancer early because signs and symptoms often do not appear at an early stage. So, you should check with your doctor in a regular manner.

 The way of Prevention Summarized in avoid smoking ,avoid alcohol consumption , maintain healthy body weight , be physically active (exercise for at least 30 min/day, 5 days/week) , prevent infection with hepatitis B&C , get regular medical checkup , avoid breathing in or touching toxic chemicals. She added.

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