QCS lunched “I’m a survivor And l will inspire you with my story “

Qatar Cancer Society has lunched “ I’m  a survivor And  l will inspire you with my story “ campaign  which Continued throughout June Global Awareness Month for People Living with the cancer that included patients , survivors and   their families who provide them with primary care.

The campaign highlighted the stories of people living with the disease and how they could hope in the hearts of others by sharing their stories through all means available.

Dana Mansour, Head of Individuals Living with Cancer Support Department at QCS said “The campaign was launched as a sustainable initiative within the community’s psychological and social support programs   that submitted by QCS   for this category.

Within the framework of this campaign, the charity  launched many events, lectures and workshops that emphasize the importance of psychological and social support for this group, most notably organizing awareness day for visitors to National Center for Cancer Care and Research, in addition to organizing vent at  the headquarters of QCS  included several paragraphs most notably the presentation of stories of some people living with cancer  and workshops in psychological support as well as recreational and interactive workshops aimed children living with the disease and their families.

In conjunction with the awareness campaigns, media campaigns were launched through all available outlets, which presented more positive images of this category and the importance of activating their role in society and changing the stereotypes about cancer and people living with cancer . she added .,

Dana said “There are 3 phases of survivorship: the first stage is Acute survivorship starts at diagnosis and goes through to the end of initial treatment. Cancer treatment is the focus , the second stage is Extended survivorship starts at the end of initial treatment and goes through the months after. The effects of cancer and treatment are the focus and the third stage is Permanent survivorship is when years have passed since cancer treatment ended. There is less of a chance that the cancer may come back. Long-term effects of cancer and treatment are the focus.

The department seeks to achieve a set of Objectives  ( assess and recognize the unique needs , Helping the patients Being Healthy after Treatment , Provide accurate, up to date cancer information and connecting them with the available services and resources in the community and Help the patients to manage the physical side effects of cancer treatment ) .she added .

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