QCS joins Gulf cancer awareness week

Qatar Cancer Society  )QCS) concluded the participation in seventh Gulf joint Cancer Awareness Week, which under the slogan “Your health in your fitness” under the Gulf Union Against Cancer in co-operation with Gulf Centre for Cancer Control and Prevention.

Each year, the first week of February has been approved as a Gulf Cancer Awareness Week that aims to fight risk factors to reduce infection rates, encourage early detection to increase recovery rates, and unify media messages in the GCC.

The Gulf Awareness Week included several programs and activities that QCS launched, the most notably activating the electronic brochure “in all languages ​​..We can ” the workshop was also implemented to build the capacities of cancer awareness promoters, in addition to publishing stories of hope for people living with cancer on many platforms and engaging them in virtual workshops.

Several virtual awareness workshops on cancer, promoting healthy lifestyles in the community, and launching a daily awareness competition on social media.

The GCC Awareness Week was launched on all media platforms, social media, QCS website, YouTube channel, and lighting many of the country’s landmarks in purple about the celebration of the Gulf Awareness Week.

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