QCS and CCCL join forces in awareness-raising about childhood cancers

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) and The Children’s Cancer Centre of Lebanon (CCCL) have joined hands to prevent childhood cancers by awareness-raising about cancer, collaboration, promoting key facts about paediatric oncology symptoms, importance of early detection, diagnoses, treatment and survivorship.

This co-operation comes on the occasion of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ( September) and emphasising regional networks across borders for childhood cancer control.This is done through sharing the CCCL Bus of Hope film series, produced with the support of UNICEF and Sanofi Espoir, a collection of five simple and engaging short films promoting public awareness about childhood cancer. It is also done by sharing QCS videos to support and empower children living with cancer and social media posts.

Regional collaborations on crucial issues like childhood cancer control are essential to promoting much-needed awareness which helps in early detection, destigmatising cancer, and easing the journey on patients and their families.

The CCCL Bus of Hope films also feature childhood cancer patients, parents, survivors sharing their journey and experiences, alongside animations to convey the facts. The movies are in Arabic with English and French subtitles and suited for audiences of different ages

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