Qatar Cancer society launched “Your skin … your health” for skin cancer awareness

QCS launched “Your skin, your health” campaign to raise awareness about skin cancer in conjunction with July and high temperature in summer. The campaign focused on the importance of taking precautions when exposed to sunlight.

The campaign launched ways to prevent this type of cancer and the need to be careful about exposure to sun by avoiding direct exposure to it between 10 am – 4 pm with the appropriate clothing that covers the largest possible amount of skin and using sunscreen by following the instructions on Product as well as wearing sunglasses and hats, to protect yourself and your children from ultraviolet radiation.

your skin your health campaign for skin cancer awareness

The campaign also focused on the importance of early detection of skin cancer through examination of skin with doctors as part of the periodic examination for the early detection of cancer, as well as self-examination of the skin once every month.


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