Tombiruo 2017 HDRip AAC KAT Full Torrent

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Tombiruo 2017

Tombiruo 2017 HDRip AAC KAT Full Torrent

Tombiruo 2017
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Tombiruo According to legends and stories, Tombiruo is a magical creature that manages the forest and is afraid of humans.
Flatliners 2017 HDRip AAC Download Full Movie Torrent But in fact, the Tombiru is a rebellious person who does not look at man and is injured by unnecessary magic power. His strength is so powerful that he covers his face and mask to hide his problems and loneliness. When his father was killed during the construction of a dam, Tombiruo flew his father by looking for those involved in his death.


Theme: No.

classification: NA

Release Date: October 12, 2017

Type: Action / Drama

Duration: Not available

Distributors: Astro Shaw

Send: So Ariffin, Farid Kamil, Nabila Huda, Faizal Hussein, Hasnul Rahmat

Director: Nasir Jani, Seth Larney

Do: 2D


Tombiruo 2017

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