My Family Tree 6 free download torrent

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My Family Tree 6

My Family Tree 6 free download torrent

My Family Tree 6
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It is a small but very powerful app that lets you create and import and edit family tree and view it easily in graphic form and download my family tree, as always before, on our website, just go to full message.

You can add information to family members, enter your name, date of birth and death, event, you must add text. Finally youCan export and share with your friends to create trees.

My Family Tree with the advantages of using time-shifting vizualizaytsii data support, online help, your password can protect, if you have Windows 7, your touchscreen can be used as a slide, family tree files can be saved, and then edit test links you can add (I.e. you know a badituzuLurrera sibling or its affiliates using Google Earth for your familyYou can move it.

SameLike the family of my ancestors, like me, an easy-to-use interface is an attractive interface, it has a rich function, no money, I’m just thinking of installing the NET Framework version, it will not work in modern systems.

How to install:

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My Family Tree 6

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